Water Treatment

The main contaminants found in water systems are installation debris, scale, corrosion products and biological fouling. These cause various problems but in general, can detrimentally affect the operating efficiency and life of the system materials.

The following services are not directly supplied however as a provider of comprehensive water solutions we are able to act as introducers to suitably accredited and LCA certified companies.

Control of Microorganisms

Where it is not possible to control Legionella and other bacteria by maintenance of a strict temperature regime, it may be necessary to implement some form of water treatment. Increasingly, energy efficiency concerns also drive a move away from temperature control towards a safe and cost effective biocide dosing system.

New Pipework Disinfection

In order to safeguard water quality and public health it is a requirement that many new private water supply pipes are commissioned before they are connected to mains water services. Commissioning involves flushing, swabbing and disinfection or a combination of these. This is a Legal Requirement under the Water Regulations 2000. Water Companies will require evidence that this has been properly carried out before they will make or allow a new mains connection.

Mothballing Void Properties

When a water system is no longer in use it will stagnate over a period of time and become a potential breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms. One option is to completely drain the entire pipe network however the Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) recommend that the system remains fully charged with water to maintain the integrity of joints and seals that would otherwise dry out potentially resulting in leaks when the system is re-charged.

Solutions we offer

Cleaning is necessary to remove the contaminants and may include various stages from static or dynamic flushing, chemical rinse, neutralisation, final flushing, passivation and corrosion inhibitor and biocide dosing.

At Nemco, we offer a wide range water treatment options and services, including:

  • Biocide / chemical supply

  • UV units

  • Closed water system cleaning and protection

  • New pipework disinfection

  • Mothballing and recommissioning

A comprehensive service is offered from installation, on-going chemical supply through to provision of a qualified engineer to service equipment.

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