Walk Board Installation

Regulations are in place that provide guidance on the safe operating procedures required when working on any fragile or unboarded surfaces. It is essential that you comply with the rules so as not to breach health and safety regulations.

According to the Work at Height Regulations 2005, the duty holder must ensure that no one working under their control goes onto or near a fragile surface unless that is the only reasonably practical way for the worker to carry out the work safely.

For example, cold water storage tanks and other items of plant are often located in loft spaces and in order to access the area for servicing, inspection and maintenance there needs to be a safe route across any fragile or un-boarded surfaces.

If anyone does work on or near a fragile surface, it is vital to ensure that suitable platforms, coverings, guard rails or similar are provided and used to minimise potential risks.

Solutions we offer

At Nemco, we provide a permanent solution to this issue by installing suitable T5 rated boarding or guarded walkways across exposed joists from the loft access point to the area of work. This meets the requirements for both collective fall protection (Regulation 9) and falling objects (Regulations 10 and 11).

Where it is not feasible to board over exposed joists, it may be possible to install anchor devises as a means of fall protection – see eyebolt installation page for more details or contact a member of the team for more information.

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