Remote Compliance Monitoring

Following the introduction of the Corporate Homicide Bill and latterly the Health and Safety (Offences) Act, a much higher price has been placed on compliance and avoidance of negligence.

Combined with increasing pressures on both suppliers and customers to look at more environmentally sound practices, is set to revolutionise the future of statutory compliance management.

The most cost effective method of compliance with current Legionella guidance is based around maintenance of a strict temperature regime and prevention of stagnation through flushing of infrequently used outlets.

Not only is this usually the most cost effective solution but, critically, allows for the creation of an audit trail in the form of temperature records.

With recent innovations in already proven technology it is now possible to apply this technology directly to the requirements of ACOP L8 and drastically improve compliance, increase control parameters and reduce work hours required.

Remote Temperature thermometers are attached to the sentinel outlets, cold water storage cisterns and calorifiers. Where necessary, flushing units are installed to flush the hot and cold water services to obtain a reading as required under L8 and also to prevent the service becoming ‘infrequently used’.

End users are able to view the real time monitoring data via an online portal, plus email or text alerts can be set up to provide automated notification should compliance levels not be achieved.

Solutions we offer

At Nemco we support a wide range of organisations monitor compliance via remote temperature monitoring. It offers a marked increase in compliance and accuracy as well as real cost savings to our clients.

The key benefits include;

  • Increase compliance with L8 leading to reduced liability

  • Real time data with alert system

  • Decreased labour costs

  • Elimination of human error

  • Automatic creation of audit trail

  • Maintenance free system requiring only 1 service visit per year

  • Environmentally sound and increased compliance with ISO14001

  • Secure and reliable

  • Less intrusive / disruptive to site

  • Easy multi / large site management

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