Sampling and Analysis

Water quality testing can be useful to determine the physical, biological and chemical characteristics of a water system. In some cases, there is a legal requirement to test water quality in the workplace to ensure it does not present any health risks.

Often, water analysis is carried out as a result of a complaint of unusual taste or odour or because there is a concern that the water may present a risk to health.

In some instances there is a legal requirement to test the quality of water within a workplace, especially where the water originates from a private supply rather than that provided by a water company through the mains distribution network.

For Legionella control purposes, a programme of sampling is required where water temperatures have not been effective as a control method or where water treatment is being used as an alternative to temperature management. It is not normally necessary to take Legionella or microbiological samples on a routine basis or during the risk assessment process.

Water chemistry analysis may be beneficial when installing new items of plant or process or to determine the constituents of any make-up water.

Solutions we offer

At Nemco, we implement routine sample and analysis programmes using a national network of UKAS-accredited laboratory partners. We also provide a responsive sampling and water quality investigation service in the event of an emergency or health concern.


Results are quickly interpreted by our team of experts and communicated to the client with any recommendations for remedial action.

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