System Disinfection

Cold water storage tanks are a significant risk area in Legionella Management and the inspection, upkeep and maintenance of such tanks is fundamental to ongoing management and compliance.

Under current guidance, cold water storage tanks should be inspected annually for evidence of silt or biofilm, plus water temperatures should be recorded on a six-monthly basis.

It is a common misconception that all cold water storage tanks should be cleaned every year. This is in fact only the case if the tank supplies drinking water outlets (as required by the Drinking Water Inspectorate).

In this instance the tank should be drained, cleaned and chlorinated on an annual basis, it should meet Water Regulations standards and bacteriological samples should be taken every six months.

If, as is common on most sites, the stored water supplies toilet flushing, bathing and hand washing then the tank only needs cleaning when ‘routine inspection shows it to be necessary’ or where there has been a contamination incident. Contamination can be introduced into the water system during remedial plumbing works, vandalism or by ingress of insects, birds or other pests. Disinfection of the entire water system may be required where water sample results fail to meet the required standard.

Solutions we offer

At Nemco, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including tank cleaning and system disinfection that complies with the BSEN 806-5 and BS 8558 requirements.

The operational team is capable of cleaning and disinfecting a wide spectrum of water systems from domestic cold water tanks to water towers and reservoirs. Temporary water supplies can also be arranged where a continuous supply is necessary.

Nemco has engineers trained specifically for confined spaces, working on exposed roofs and in loft areas meaning most jobs are possible. A specialist rope access team is also available for inspection, cleaning and disinfection of high level water towers and other work that has significant risks associated with working at height.

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