Safe Ladder Access

Regulations are in place that provide guidance on the safe operating procedures required when working at height. It is essential that you comply with the rules so as not to breach health and safety regulations.

It is the nature of most properties that water tanks and other items of plant are often located in areas where The Work at Height Regulations 2005 would apply; for example loft spaces, rooftops and ceiling voids.

The Regulations require duty holders to ensure:

  • All work at height takes account of weather conditions that could endanger health and safety
  • Those involved are trained and competent
  • The place where work at height is done is safe
  • Equipment for work at height is appropriately inspected
  • The risks from fragile surfaces are properly controlled
  • The risks from falling objects are properly controlled

At Nemco, our engineers are trained extensively, in accordance with BS8454:2006 (The Code of Practice for the delivery of training and education for work at height and rescue) and includes an induction at Nemco’s bespoke height training area.

Solutions we offer

We host a range of courses which involve legislation awareness, safe inspection, maintenance and use of ladders – including how to secure them, suspension tests and correct use of the full body harness (EN361:2002, EN1497:1996) and twin lanyards (EN354, EN355, EN362:2004) for safe use of fixed ladders.

The comprehensive training also includes selection and use of equipment, choice of anchor points, safe progressive movement, aid climbing, use and practice of work restraint, work positioning and fall arrest systems, and safe movement of work equipment such as pumps.

All engineers are highly trained in risk assessment of all work at height or difficult access.

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