Private Water Supply Risk Assessment

The Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009, which have been designed to provide improved health protection for consumers of private water supplies required all Local Authorities to complete a risk assessment of all private water supplies by January 2015.

Local Authority Environmental Health departments are responsible for implementing the regulations and for investigating the cause of unwholesome supplies. They may serve notices to ensure remedial action is taken to restore the quality of the water to protect human health and may prosecute in the event of a serious breach.

The Regulations required Local Authorities to complete a risk assessment of all private water supplies by January 2015. Supplies to single non-commercial dwellings are exempt (unless a risk assessment is requested).

A private water supply risk assessment would include:

  • Description and location of the source supply and catchment area
  • Details of extraction license limits and average consumption
  • Information regarding the properties and people supplied
  • Analysis of previous sample results
  • Inspection of intermediate, holding and header tanks
  • Security at the source
  • Assessment of potential for the supply to become contaminated at source or in the distribution network

Solutions we offer

At Nemco, we provide assistance to owners of private water supplies or private distribution networks, in addition to local authorities who may not have the expertise or resource to conduct the required risk assessments.

The findings of the assessment would determine future sampling frequency and analysis requirements and there may be recommendations for remedial action to reduce the risk of contamination.

We are able to expand the scope of the legionella assessment to include provision for the Private Water Supplies Regulations, therefore saving money and disruption as only one site visit is required.

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