Industrial Rope Access

Industrial Rope Access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in areas of difficult access. It is important to work with trained individuals when employing industrial rope access techniques to ensure you comply with health and safety regulations.

IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, was formed in the late 1980’s as the result of an initiative by a number of leading companies involved in industrial rope access techniques, to provide a safe working environment for the industry.

Industrial Rope Access was initially developed from techniques used in caving to answer the need for a simple, safe and adaptable means of access with its first large scale use being for inspections on the oil and gas platforms of the North Sea.

As its value as a work solution grew, rope access has also developed onshore where it is to be seen undertaking all manner of work from high-rise window and facade cleaning and general maintenance to repair, geotechnical and inspection work on some of the world’s most iconic structures.

Solutions we offer

For those jobs that cannot be carried out safely by the engineer on site – such as accessing tanks located in water towers – at Nemco, we have a specialist access team (SAT) who have confined space entry, IRATA, IPAF (mobile elevated working platforms and scissor lift) and scaffolding qualifications.

We are also able to install anchor devices / eyebolts where rope access is required on a regular basis. All of the SAT team have current climbing and confined space medical certification and are approved to work on restricted access and MOD sites.

All specialist work at height is subject to site specific risk assessments, method statements and rescue plans. The SAT team are able to provide evidence of equipment conformity and inspection records in order to satisfy the most stringent on-site controls.

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