On-Site Training

If you have elected an on-site representative to conduct your Legionella Management Programme, it is essential that they are fully aware of the risks associated with Legionella and understand the implications of structured monitoring.

On Site Legionella Training

For representatives tasked with handling Legionella monitoring and control, it is vital that not only do they have a detailed understanding of how to carry out the required inspections, but more importantly they understand why each vital check is needed. Awareness of the growith characteristics of Legionella bacteria is key if you are working to ensure it is prevented.

What topics are covered in the training?

This training typically takes one hour to complete and can accommodate three nominated persons, per session. The training covers the following topics:

  • What is Legionella and why is it harmful
  • Factors affecting growth
  • The law and ACOP L8
  • Record keeping requirements
  • The monitoring requirements
  • Monthly sentinel tap and calorifier monitoring and recording

  • Seasonal high cold water temperatures
  • Flushing method and recording and safe post stagnation flushing

What Nemco’s training offers

Our engineer will physically show each nominated person how to conduct the required checks, and there will be an opportunity for the delegates to ask any questions they may have throughout the training session.

Upon completion of the training, the site will be presented with a Record of Training document confirming which members of staff were trained.

The document illustrates that, following a hand-over meeting with the Nemco representative, the site understands its full obligation with respect to Legionella control and requirements of the current approved code of practice L8.

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