Legionella Responsible Person

To undertake the necessary Legionella monitoring, testing and compliance reporting, a ‘Responsible Person’ must be appointed to oversee the legal requirements and ensure compliance at all times.

Legionella Responsible Person Training

According to ACOP L8, a Responsible Person is defined as the individual who will take day-to-day responsibility for controlling any identified risk from Legionella bacteria. The appointed individual must have sufficient authority, competence and knowledge of the installation to ensure that all operational procedures are carried out in a timely and effective manner. Therefore training is essential.

What topics are covered in the training?

The purpose of the Responsible Person Training is;

  • To raise awareness of Legionella Control issues
  • To promote understanding of risks and their control or prevention
  • To inform delegates of their individual responsibilities
  • To equip delegates with the necessary information to manage a site in accordance with the latest government guidance ACOP L8

What Nemco’s training offers

The full-day training course (held at a suitable venue dependant on the number of delegates) uses case studies to illustrate the role of the Responsible Person and to demonstrate the issue of Legionella control and the potential consequences of not fully understanding the responsibilities.

The course also involves a presentation and practical sessions, which enables delegates to utilise the information they have been presented with in order to identify risks and suggest practical resolutions. Upon completion of the training and examination, delegates will be awarded a certificate.

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