Mould Abatement

In Europe, an estimated 10-50% of indoor environments where we live, work and play are damp. Excessive damp and mould are a risk to health and so it is important for organisations to monitor.

Occupants of buildings that harbour mould are at increased risk of experiencing health problems such as respiratory symptoms, respiratory infections, allergic rhinitis and asthma.

Some people are more sensitive to mould than others, and some groups are especially vulnerable including babies and children, elderly people, those with existing skin problems (such as eczema), or respiratory problems (such as allergies and asthma), and anyone who is immuno-compromised.

All buildings have the potential to harbour mould spores that remain dormant and completely harmless. However, given the right conditions, such as lack of ventilation and excessive moisture, the spores will activate, resulting in unsightly mould patches and a musty smell.

Solutions we offer

At Nemco, our mould removal protocols are designed to destroy, clean and protect buildings using next generation solutions and sophisticated methods of application.

Our cutting edge technologies deal with mould in a simple three-step process:

  • Destruction of the Biofilm that causes the mould

  • Disinfection with Next Generation Solutions

  • Application of an RTU bonded anti-microbial treatment with long lasting surface efficacy

This protocol will eradicate mould outbreaks and provided that the root cause of the problem is resolved, you should remain mould free.

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