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Pregnant Women Advised Not To Use Pre-Heated Birthing Pools

On the 9th August 2017 Public Health England published guidance for midwives to advise pregnant women considering using a home birthing pool.

It states that following the discovery of a new born baby with Legionnaires’ disease thatLegionnaires’ disease has been associated with the use of a certain type of birthing pool.’ The birthing pools in question are ones that are pre-filled, potentially weeks in advance of labour, and are kept warm using heaters and recirculation pumps.

The guidance goes on to say that it is not all birthing pools are considered high risk and that traditional birthing pools that are filled once the woman goes into labour and not kept warm are considered safe. Fixed birthing pools in NHS units are also considered to be safe due to the strict control measures in place.


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Focusing on the lifting of restrictions

With a further delay of 4 weeks until we can think about starting to return to a more normal way of life for many people this means the buildings where they work will be largely empty once again. If buildings have been closed or part occupied during the pandemic stagnation of the water system can happen, especially where no additional control measures have been put into place. When this occurs [...]

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Job Vacancy

Nemco Utilities is currently seeking a Full time Water Hygiene Technician to join our team in the Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds area. The successful applicant will receive Minimum wage - £8.91 per hour depending on experience.   Nemco Utilities based in Bury St Edmunds are offering a great opportunity in the Cambridge, Newmarket, Bury St Edmunds area to join our company as a Full Time Water Hygiene Technician and [...]

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Outbreak of Legionnaires ‘disease in the Midlands

Public Health England (PHE), the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Sandwell Council are currently looking into 3 confirmed cases of Legionnaire's disease and 6 suspected cases in West Bromwich.  It would seem that 6 of the patients have been hospitalised and 8 of the cases were reported to PHE in the last week. The source of the outbreak has not yet been identified but this clearly emphasizes the need [...]

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1000% Increase in Hot Tub Sales

Ebay and Argos saw a rise of 1080% in the sale of hot tubs during lockdown in April. The exceptionally good weather and people spending more time in their gardens is attributed to this increase but it looks set to continue. Many families are buying hot tubs with money from cancelled holidays or renting them for birthday parties at home. Hot tubs and Spa Pool Systems are a known source [...]

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Social Distancing and Isolating Water Outlets

Many sites are isolating drinking fountains and taping up some basins to provide social distancing. This is appropriate from a COVID 19 management perspective but it unfortunately creates deadlegs in the water system and increases the risk from legionella.   If you are isolating the supply, these outlets require weekly flushing to prevent stagnant water from building up.   If outlets such as drinking fountains are unlikely to be used [...]

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The LCA has posted guidelines for the safe operating of water systems during the COVID-19 outbreak:

Hot and cold water systems in buildings that are empty or with under occupancy must address the issue of stagnation: If the building is still partially in use: If possible, drop stored water levels in tanks to maintain <24 hours storage Flush to simulate use – weekly flushing may not be sufficient Monitor temperature to ensure thermal gain in cold water is controlled If fitted, consider temporarily increasing levels of [...]

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