Ebay and Argos saw a rise of 1080% in the sale of hot tubs during lockdown in April. The exceptionally good weather and people spending more time in their gardens is attributed to this increase but it looks set to continue. Many families are buying hot tubs with money from cancelled holidays or renting them for birthday parties at home.

Hot tubs and Spa Pool Systems are a known source of infectious diseases caused by legionella bacteria and in January 2017 the HSE published separate guidelines on how to control the risk of legionella. As well as guidance on operating and maintaining commercial-type systems, there is specific advice on domestic-type spa pools or hot tubs used as part of a business activity, for example in holiday-park rental units, hotel bedrooms with a dedicated spa and systems on display or at exhibitions.

A Legionella Risk Assessment involves a trained consultant visiting the premises and carrying out a detailed inspection of the building and water system.. A written report is produced detailing the key findings of the assessment, together with recommendations for remedial actions and control measures. With our assistance, we help you to safeguard your staff and premises while avoiding potentially costly penalties.